Bocce Ristorante





This place is superb. It is not like any other Italian restaurant I’ve been into. Its structure is not clinical like what you can expect from a fancy dining place. Instead, it boasts a nice and homey place that will instantly make you feel comfortable as you cross the threshold. No matter where you look, your eyes will immediately be met by beautiful Italian interior. I’ve been to many places in Italy already and I easily felt the authenticity down to the sophisticated marble that graces the flooring. I am pretty sure that they spent a lot of money on it. They really did not scrimp when it comes to the decorations. But even if it is very fancy to look at, the comfort and cozy vibe are still there. I suggest you visit on Friday nights because live entertainment is available in this place. You cannot help but sway your head with the nice music.


This is a good dining place in Florida. Very nice ambiance and very cozy. You will not hesitate to bring your girlfriend for a date here. The nice part is that they also have a meeting room you can request when you need it. It is located behind curtains which would isolate you from the rest of the crowd. The service is superb too. You will not ask for more.


This place has nice pasta dishes. I am a pasta lover. Pesto, spaghetti, carbonara, alfredo – name it, they can serve it in the best way. They are really delicious and they taste fresh. You can really determine the difference compared to any other restaurants offering the same dish. The bread too is freshly baked every day. If you love Italian cuisine then this is a place you shouldn’t miss. Make sure to visit it to know what I am talking about. Promise you won’t regret it.

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